Aardvark- Has a long nose, this is what the character Arthur is
Addax- Antelope goat thing that has curly horns
African buffalo- Like the American Buffalo, but in Africa
African elephant- Large mammal, with a long nose called a “trunk” Locals use them in vacuums
African golden cat- A rare cat in Africa that is mad of gold
African porcupine- Very extravagent porcupine. Danty and beautiful, yet deadly
African wild dog- Very scary dog. UN-TAMABLE
Amazon dolphin- Small dolphin that can be bought on popular website
Amazonian manatee- Mammal that looks like a streamline, bald, cow. In amazon
American badger- Large rodent thing that has a goofy fur pattern so it looks like a robber
American beaver- Large rodent with funny teeth. They eat wood and wood based products
American Buffalo- Like the African Buffalo, but in America
American black bear- Large mammal with teeth. Very scary looking if they don’t have hair
American Crocodile- Larger reptile that has eaten children and rabbits
Anoa- Weird looking cow bull thing
Ant- Very small insect that is very strong but not stronger than me, a human
Antarctic fur seal- Very furry seal. Very cute as well
Arabian oryx- Antelope with very straight horns
Asian elephant- Smaller than other elephant. Still very cool tho
Asian long-tailed porcupine- Porcupine with a long tail
Australian sea lion- Sea lion from Australia. Good swimmer
Baikal seal- Seal that this guy named Baikal discovered
Baird’s beaked whale- A whale with a beak
Baird’s tapir- A Tapir that Baird discovered
Bald Eagle- America’s proudest creature. Not actually bald
Bamboo lemur- Lemur that probably eats bamboo
Banded hare-wallaby- Wallaby with hair and bands and stuff
Banded mongoose- Mongoose that has stripes and is mean
Bearded seal- Seal that has a large beard like Abe Lincoln
Bee- Fuzzy flying creature that works hard according to common sayings
Beech marten- Small cute fuzzy rodent that would probably bite you
Beluga- White whale but i don’t think its the one from Moby Dick
Bighorn sheep- Sheep with big horns and they run into each other
Black giant squirrel- Big squirrel that is the color black apparantly
Black howler monkey- Monkey that howels and is the color black
Black lemur- Lemur that is black. They can climb trees
Black Mamba- Its a snake I think. This was Kobe Bryant’s nickname. He is not a snake tho
Black Panther- Big cat that can eat people. Forrest Gump ruined their party
Black rhinoceros- Large horned mammal that can run into things
Black spider monkey- Annoying creature that swings in trees
Black wallaroo- Looks like a Kangaroo, but smaller
Black wildebeest- Horse, goat, antelope thing in africa. Trampled Mufasa
Blackbuck- Small deer
Black-legged mongoose- Mongoose with dark legs
Black-tailed jack rabbit- Fast rabbit that was originally named Jack and it stuck
Blainville’s beaked whale- Beaked whale that Blainville found
Blue monkey- I mean, it can’t actually be a blue monkey, but i’m too lazy to double check
Blue whale- Large mammal. Could eat a car if it ate metal
Blue wildebeest- I guess this is like the black one. Must be a lighter color
Boa Constrictor- This is a big scary snake that gives great hugs
Bobak marmot- I think its a rodent
Bobcat- Not a large cat, but bigger than house cats. More dangerous tho
Bolivian red howler monkey- Very loud monkey
Bongo- Funny antelope thing with goofy stripes
Borneo gibbon- Very cute monkey
Bottlenosed dolphin- Smart fish/mammal. Very cute too. They can do flips and stuff
Bowhead- Big whale
Brazilian tapir- Big Rodent
Brindled bandicoot- Crash’s uncle
Brown bear and grizzly bear- Yeah, Grizzly’s and Brown Bears are the same i guess
Brown hyena- This animals laughs. Whoopie Golberg played one in the lion king
Brown lemur- Lemur that is brown i guess
Brush-tailed porcupine- Anotehr Porcupine
Brush-tailed possum- Possume with a tail that can be used to paint
Bush dog- Dog that lives in bush
Bushbuck- Buck that lives in bush
Bushpig- Bush that lives in pig. Wait, no other way around
Butterfly- Flying beautiful creature. They don’t do much
California sea lion- Sea lion that moans in California
Campbell’s monkey- Monkey that Campbell found
Canada lynx- Big cat that eats birds and rodents and can jump
Cape grysbok- BIg antelope
Capybara- Worlds largest rodent, actual fact
Caracal- Cat with weird ears. Looks like an alien
Caribbean manatee- Manatee that is more exotic than other manatees
Caribou and reindeer- Yeah they’re the same thing but only Reindeer only chill with Santa
Cat- You know what a Cat is
Central American spider monkey- Small Spider Monkey, probably like all the other ones
Cheetah- Very fast cat that can kill Antelopes i think
Chimpanzee- Very closely related to humans. Men are smarter, Chimps are stronger!
Clouded leopard- Spotted cat that can climb rocks
Coarse-haired wombat- Wombat with thick hair
Cockatiel- Bird that has rosey cheeks but isn’t actually embarrased
Common long-nosed armadillo- Very common Armadillo. Seen everywhere
Common raccoon- Very common raccoon. They eat garbage and run upright sometimes
Condor- Big bird that flys in california
Cougar- Big cat that runs and walks around in mountains
Coyote- Small dog cat thing that lives on the ground
Crowned lemur- Lemur monkey with a fur crown
Cuvier’s gazelle- A gazelle
Dog (Beagle)- This animals barks
Dog (Boxer)- Not actually a boxer, its a dog
Dog (Bulldog)- They look sad
Dog (Chihuahua)- They look scared
Dog (Dachshund)- They look stretched out
Dog (French Bulldog)- Also look sad
Dog (German Shepherd)- Police dog
Dog (Golden Retriever)- Very good dog
Dog (Labrador)- Also a very good boy
Dog (Pitbull)- Some can be good boys. Some can be bad boys
Dog (Poodle)- Very fancy dog
Dog (Rottweiler)- Very scary dog
Dog (Yorkshire Terrier)- Small dog
Drill- No idea what this is
Dugong- Looks like a manatee. But i think its a pokemon
Eastern gray kangaroo- Jumpy mammal thing
Emperor Penguin- Low key thicc bird that lives in cold area
Emu- Big bird that can run fast
Eurasian river otter- Mammal that swims and smiles
European beaver- Big rodent with funny teeth in Europe
European bison- Big cow thing
European hare- Has big ears
Fisher- Big rodent mammal that people make coats out of
Four-horned antelope- Antelope with one more horn than three
Fraser’s dolphin- Dolphin that Fraser found
Gambian rat- A rat. Ick!
Gaur- No idea what this is
Gemsbok- Big Antelope
Giant anteater- EATS BIG ANTS
Giant armadillo- Can roll around in a ball
Giant forest hog- Very hungry swine
Giant otter- Big otter, can barely float
Giant panda- Like a regular panda, but giant. Very cute
Giant Tortoise- Can get very old
Gila Monster- I think they’re poisonous
Giraffe- Very tall antelope deer that is yellow and orange. Long tongue
Golden bamboo lemur- Bamboo lemur that is golden
Golden Eagle- Eagle that can fly around
Golden jackal- Is it a Jackal?
Goral- No idea
Gorilla- Really big muscley, hairy, human like creature. Eats fruit
Grant’s gazelle- Grant’s gazelle. He owns it
Grasshopper- Small insect that can jump really well!
Gray brocket- no idea to be honest
Gray fox- Cat or dog thing that is small and runs
Gray seal- Animal that swims a lot
Gray whale- Big mammal that looks like a fish. But eats fish
Gray wolf- Big dog type thing that hunts in packs and just chill sometimes
Greater kudu- Big antelope type thing
Greater mouse-deer- I’m not sure. Must be a small deer
Hairy armadillo- Armidillo that has to shave
Hairy tree porcupine- Porcupine that loves trees
Hamadryas baboon- Its a loud monkey
Harbor porpoise- Porpoise that perfers Harbor’s as opposed to lakes
Harbor seal- Same as the last animal
Harp seal- Seal that won’t stop harping on things
Hartebeest- No idea. Probably has a heart and is scary
Hippopotamus- Big mouthed mammal that kills people a lot
Hog badger- Must be a fat badger
Honey badger- Badger that eats honey
Horse- Its a horse
House Fly- Very small annoying thing
Humming Bird- Very small bird that flaps its wings a lot
Humpback whale- Whale that likes to jump up in the air sometimes
Ibex- Another antelope deer thing
Iguana- Big green lizard with scales and can be a pet
Impala- Its a brand of car
Indian gazelle- My god, yeah, another antelope thing
Indian rhinoceros- Smaller rhino, probably endagered
Indonesian porcupine- Animal with quils
Jaguar- Car and also a big cat
Javan pig- Its a wild pig
Javan rhinoceros- A rare rhino i suppose
Jungle cat- Cat that is wild and lives in the forrest
Killer whale- Also known as Orca, Free Willy
King Cobra- Very scary snake
Koala- Eats a certain leaf that can kill people. Forgot what its called
Komodo Dragon- Big lizard that can run fast
Leatherback Sea Turtle- Big turtle that hatches on beaches
Leopard- Another big cant with spots
Leopard seal- Spotted seal i guess
Lion- Big cat that lives in africa and is well respected among animals
Lynx- We’ve listed this one twice but whatever. Look at the canadian lynx
Macaw- Big parrot
Mantled howler monkey- Another monkey that yells… my god. So many monkeys
Marbled cat- Cat that has marbled fur
Margay- I have no idea if this is a bird or lizard or mammal
Markhor- Jeez, no idea what this is either. Google it
Melon-headed whale- A whale that has a melon head? I dunno
Mona monkey- Anotehr monkey
Mongolian gazelle- Gazelle that is in mongolia
Mongoose- Very scary animal and can bite
Mongoose lemur- NO idea. Sounds cool tho. Mongoose that climbs trees?
Moose- Big deer thing with gigantic thick antlers
Mountain goat- Goat that lives in the mountain
Mountain hare- Hare that can climb mountains with ease
Mountain reedbuck- A deer thing that climbs mountains
Mountain tapir- A big rodent that climbs mountains
Mountain zebra- Zebra that climbs mountains
Moustached monkey- Monkey with cool facial hair!
Mule deer- Deer that is thicc
Muskrat- Rat that lives in the woods
Narwhal- The unicorn of the sea
New Zealand sea lion- Sea lion that lives near Australia
North American porcupine- We have way too many porcupines on this site
Northern bottlenose whale- Whale that has a bottled nose and lives up north
Northern elephant seal- Big seal up north
Northern fur seal- Furry seal, up north
Northern sea lion- Loud sea lion that lives up north
Nubian ibex- Dumb deer thing
Ocelot- Small cat that looks like a leapord
Okapi- Neat animal that has a zebra butt
Orangutan- Big fat orange monkey thing. Hairy too
Ostrich- Big bird that can run fast. Usually with its mouth open
Pacarana- Small rodent tapir thing. I don’t know
Pelican- Bird with a really really deep bill beak thing. Can store jewelry in there
Philippine brown deer- Deer that is thicc
Pileated gibbon- A gibbon monkey thing
Polar bear- BIG BIG WHITE BEAR. Used in many commercials
Prehensile-tailed porcupine- My lord, another porcupine…
Pronghorn- Antelope that has small horns
Pygmy chimpanzee or bonono- No idea, small chimp thing
Pygmy hippopotamus- Small hippo
Pygmy hog- Small hog thing
Pygmy sperm whale- Small sperm whale
Raccoon dog- Dog that looks like a racoon prob
Red and white giant flying squirrel- A squirrel that can fly
Red deer- A deer that is the color red
Red fox- Fox that is the color red
Red howler monkey- Monkey that howls and is red
Red kangaroo- Kangaroo that jumps and is red
Red river hog- River hog that is… red
Red-bellied lemur- lemur that has a red belly
Red-bellied monkey- monkey that has a red belly
Rhesus monkey- Small monkey prob
Rhim gazelle- An antelope thing. We have like 50 of these
Ringed seal- Seal that has rings?
Ring-tailed lemur- Lemur that has a black and white tail. Its cool
River dolphin- Dolphin that lives in the river
Roan antelope- Another antelope, I apologize for having so many
Robin- Bird that sings and eats worms
Ruffed lemur- Lemur that is ruffed
Sable antelope- I really hope we dont have more antelopes than this
Saltwater Crocodile- Croc that swims in salt water. I don’t know if it can drinks it
Sand cat- Cat that eats sand
Scimitar-horned oryx- Oryx with horns
Sea otter- Otter that lives in the sea and smiles
Sei whale- A whale that has a melon head? I dunno
Silvery gibbon- A monkey with glittery fur
Six-banded armadillo- A armadillo with bands
Sloth bear- Big bear with sloth aspects
Snow leopard- Leopard that is white and likes snow
Snowshoe rabbit- rabbit that loves eating snow
South African fur seal- Seal that is in africa
Southern elephant seal- Elephant seal that does stuff
Southern naked-tailed armadillo- Ooo, naked
Southern sea lion- Sea lion. We have too many of these too
Spanish ibex- Ibex with a spanish flair
Spanish lynx- I didn’t know their were spanish versions of these
Spotted hyena- Hyena that laughs and has spots and junk
Spotted seal- Seal with spots and swims
Springbok- I mean, i guess this is another antelope
Springhare- no idea, a bunny?
Steenbok- No idea, prob another dumb goat antelope
Striped dolphin- Dolphin with speed stripes
Striped hyena- Hyena with stripes. Like a car
Striped skunk- They smell bad!
Sumatran rhinoceros- Small rhino, its probably endagered
Sun bear- bear with a sunny chest
Sun-tailed monkey- Monkey with a light colored tail
Thomson’s gazelle- Small Gazelle….. so, yeah, Gazelles, antelopes, deer, whatever
Three-toed tree sloth- Very slow
Tiger- Has stripes and is orange
Toucan- Bird with a big cool bill and is colorful!
Turkey- Has a gobbler
Two Toed Sloth- Slow and only has two toes
Wallaroo- I think this is a rodent
Walrus- Like a manatee but has long tusks and whiskers. Andy Reid
Wart hog- Like a pig, but with horns
Water buffalo- Buffalo that drinks water
Water chevrotain- Lives in the water or near it
Waterbuck- Small deer…
Western gray kangaroo- Big rodent and can jump
Whiptail wallaby- Wallaby with a tail
White rhinoceros- BIG BIG MAMMAL WITH A HORN
White-handed gibbon- has white hands
White-tailed deer- They hunt these in america
White-tailed jackrabbit- They hunt these in america
White-tailed mongoose- They don’t hunt these in america
Wild boar- They do hunt these in america
Wild cat- Very adventerous cat
Wolverine- A super hero
Woodchuck- Eats wood
Yak- Big stupid cow thing
Yangzte river dolphin or baiji- Small dolphin
Zebra- Striped horse. yes i’m done. i’m so glad i’m done